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  • 18JAN2021
  • 08:00hrs

Mental Health Video Podcast Series gets Mahoosiv Distribution...

  • 10DEC2020
  • 13:00hrs

Mahoosiv Media tasked with spreading news about Ireland's newest Studios...

  • 17JAN2021
  • 08:10hrs

New Entertainment Format ready to set the world on fire: a new way to engage Live Entertainment for the 21st Century.

  • 17JAN2021
  • 12:49hrs

Southgate Shopping Centre in talks about new TV Channel with Mahoosiv Media...



STAY Video Podcast: #YouAreNotAlone

Times have been very tough for us all since March 2020 and things will most likely only get harder for some people out there. As part of our Mental Health Awareness movement, #STAY, SkyHigh Productions® and Mahoosiv Media have created a Video Podcast that provides clear insights into what supports are available to people whose Mental Health is at risk or just not good. This is not Mental illness we are talking about, but everyday mental wellbeing. Sign up to our newsletter and find out about who will be guesting and presenting the series and how it might be able to help you, or someone you know!

Clear the Smoke!

Inspired by George Michael and perhaps THE most iconic Music Video of all time, Freedom! 90, Freedom20! is a continuation of a message that George was putting out to the world at a time when life was just as complex as today, and perhaps it has become even more complex today and we live in a world of smokescreens and mirrors, a world in which Producer and Director SeánÓ "Dares You to be Real!"

Come on the journey that is Freedom20! #F20, and find out what this is all about and who is involved, and just why someone would have the crazy idea to try and find 120,000 Euros to make another version of an already iconic piece of art, how the hell do you top that, and just how crazy do you have to be to even think you can top it???

Taking Entertainment and PI to a Whole New Level!

The Drawda Sessions is a brand new entertainment format that will be a serialised show of music, dance, craic and information on history, myth and legend and delights all recorded in and around the location of Drogheda, or 'Drawda' as the locals like to say.

The idyllic setting of the Boyne Valley and the historic backdrop and background provides for a great location to create an amazing show full of surprises and "Mixed Reality" content that takes your breath away, development started in 2019 and came to a stop in 2020 because of Covid19, but the batton has been picked up once more and the Title Rights to a show with 20 million subscribers worldwide are now up for grabs for the right brand that wants to be part of the vision and journey...


The World has changed, Live Entertainment died a Death during Covid's lockdowns and it doesn't look set to recover any time soon, so, it's time for another innovation: Welcome to the Stage: Amplify'd! It's time to Get Amp'd!